How to Switch off from Work

A lot of workers struggle with “how to switch off from work in their personal time”. You continually check emails and messages on your phone and an array of social media options and other apps, most of us have smartphones now, and most of us are more tied to them than perhaps we should be.

You should still be able to impress your employers if you find the right balance and embrace your downtime. To help you relax, read the following tips, and you should get back on track.

Don’t rely on alcohol to help you unwind

Before you reach for your bottle of beer remember that too much alcohol can cause anxiety and make you feel worse instead of better. Instead, save a few beers for the weekend and embrace green teas and water during the week. You’ll feel less stressed, more in control and happier.

Get some fresh air

After dinner, take an evening stroll for about 30 minutes. The fresh air will further help you to relax and clear your head. Just make sure not to bring up work related stuff, and instead turn the conversation to lighter topics. It’ll help you gain a fresh perspective.

Get a hobby

Knitting, painting, sculpting, building stuff, gardening – whatever floats your boat, embrace a new hobby. Take a course on the subject, join an evening class, Or pick up a paintbrush and go for it. The point here is to move your mind away from work and focus on something creative to relax.

Have a bedtime routine

To end your day the right way, follow a bedtime routine that helps you drift off into a peaceful, restorative sleep. Pour yourself a hot bath, light some candles and listen to some chill-out music as you enjoy the bubbles. Then put on some fresh PJs and enjoy a little more reading until your eyes feel satisfyingly heavy. Just avoid any screens, and you’ll fall happily into a deep slumber.