Setup Bitcoin Regtest Locally

The Regression Test Network (regtest) is a parallel blockchain to the Bitcoin blockchain. It works almost identically to the Bitcoin network, but it is used for private development. Regtest is most similar to testnet in that the coins on the regtest network are not monetized. Additionally, regtest is meant solely for private testing; external connections are not enabled and the mining difficulty is set to zero. This allows a regtest user to mine as many blocks as they want, making testing easier.

Many developers consider regtest mode the preferred way to develop new applications.

Setting up your own regtest node can easily be achieved with docker.

version: '3.7'
    image: ruimarinho/bitcoin-core:latest
    entrypoint: ["bash", "-c", "bitcoind"]
      - 18443:18443
      - 18444:18444
      - 28332:28332
      - ./bitcoin-data:/data
      - ./bitcoin-conf/bitcoin.conf:/root/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
      - bitcoin-network


Healthy Tips for Software Engineers

The long hours with computers, the sleepless nights, and the lack of physical activity will be of no good to your body in the long run. While programming isn’t considered a dangerous occupation with a lot of hazards, a surprising number of developers suffer from health issues. Sitting at a desk won’t kill you, but studies have shown that it isn’t as healthy as you might think. Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to make some changes with very little effort.

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My Blockchain Primer

This Primer provides an introduction to blockchain technology, outlines some of the benefits it brings and considers the risks and challenges it poses. it is an overview of the key concepts and terms intended to help people better understand this emerging technology and its growing impact.

Basically, blockchain is a combination of already existing technologies that together can create networks that secure trust between people or parties who otherwise have no reason to trust one another. Specifically, it utilises distributed ledger technology (DLT) to store information verified by cryptography among a group of users, which is agreed through a pre-defined network protocol, often without the control of a central authority.

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5 mistakes to avoid as a software developer

We all make mistakes in our careers, no matter what line of work we work in – management professional, a talent acquisition specialist, or a software developer. For software developers, however, the idea of making a mistake can be extremely scary as one silly career mistake can completely ruin their life.

One can easily avoid such mistakes with some knowledge while navigating through this constantly changing software Industry. Here are some of the most notable career traps for software engineers.

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How to Switch off from Work

A lot of workers struggle with “how to switch off from work in their personal time”. You continually check emails and messages on your phone and an array of social media options and other apps, most of us have smartphones now, and most of us are more tied to them than perhaps we should be.

You should still be able to impress your employers if you find the right balance and embrace your downtime. To help you relax, read the following tips, and you should get back on track.

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